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Turn back the clock with Botox & Fillers by a proven expert! 

Erase your stubborn wrinkles and fine lines without going under the knife. We are a top St. Louis spa for Botox treatments and more!  


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 Botox Treatments





Using proven injections, the results you will see are virtually immediate, dramatic, and incredibly long lasting! Most individuals who receive our St. Louis Spa Botox wrinkle treatments will enjoy the benefits for three or four months.



Using injectables for treating wrinkles are the perfect way to target areas such as:

  • Crow's feet

  • Forehead lines

  • Frown lines known as "11"

  • Upper lip lines

  • Bunny lines on the nose

  • It can even help with gummy smiles


We offer Botox and Xeomin, as options to help treat your wrinkles. Both offer long-lasting results with treatments not needing to be repeated until 3 or 4 months! These well-known FDA-approved injections are administered by our own health expert with years of experiences at one of St. Louis' premier spa. All in a clean and safe environment! 




St. Louis Botox Treatments Start at $11/unit 

5-Star Reviews

"I had my first visit with crystal a few weeks ago. Even tho I’ve been getting regular Botox treatments for the past few years, she treated me as if I’ve never had it before. She spent time consulting with me, going over my areas of concern and long term goals. She was very thorough and explained each step and which muscles control each area. My results were in full effect 3 days later. Crystal is my new go-to and I’m a lifelong client!"


Botox  Healing Hamsa Spa St. Louis MO Grove MedSpa

5-Star Reviews

"I highly recommend Crystal to do your aesthetics! I told myself when I turned 26 I would start taking better care of my skin. I purchased medical skin grade products and became more diligent about my skin. I reached out to Crystal about preventative Botox for my forehead specifically as I was developing fine wrinkles. BEST decision ever! I’m in love with my results and will always return to her. She answered all my questions, was informative, and made me feel comfortable! Crystal gave exceptional care and my results are beyond what I expected."

— Caitlyn

Our St. Louis Botox Treatments are administered by MedSpa Experts
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Botox  Healing Hamsa Spa St. Louis MO Grove MedSpa Crystal AP


Masters of Science in Anesthesia 

Advanced Practice Registered Nurse

Certified Registered Nurse Anesthesiologist

Over 17 Years of Medical Experience 

"As an experienced injector and skilled healthcare provider you will be in good hands! During your appointment I will carefully develop a treatment plan that is specific to your needs and areas of concern. I will review your medical health history to determine your best course of treatment in order to safely obtain your desired results. My goal is to give you a natural yet refreshed look by diminishing or even eliminating fine lines and wrinkles. My career in healthcare started 17 years ago when I obtained my Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) from the University of Missouri-Columbia. I worked as a critical care nurse for 4 years and then received my Master of Science in Nurse Anesthesiology (MS) in 2011 from Webster University. I love practicing anesthesia and am honored to provide such a critical service to my patients, but soon found that I also have a passion for aesthetics! It is such a joy to have a different connection with my patients and utilize my skills to literally transform their lives with renewed self confidence. I felt a strong calling in 2018 to start my own aesthetic practice, Aesthetically Pleasing LLC. Now, I am thrilled to be able to partner with Healing Hamsa, a premier St. Louis Spa, to provide high quality medical spa treatments in a healing and safe environment. In my free time, I enjoy family time with my 6-year old daughter and my wonderful husband of 13 years."

- Crystal Alber, MS, CRNA, APRN

Owner of Aesthetically Pleasing

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Experience plump, natural-looking lips in no time! Botox Lip Flip performed at our St. Louis office is a safe and effortless way to achieve the full lip look. 

Lip Flip is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure that can help you achieve a fuller upper lip without using dermal filler. This procedure is done with Botox injections into the upper lip to relax the muscles and ‘flip’ the lip upward slightly, revealing more of the lip mucosa which achieves the desirable ’fuller lip’ look.  Our St. Louis Botox Lip Flip treatment has no downtime after the injection. You'll see full results in 4-6 days


Book Your Botox + HydraFacial Party
to Save Big!


Hydrafacial is the perfect compliment for Botox! Not only will your Botox results last longer due to the unmatched hydration from your HydraFacial, but you'll save big with special discounts just for booking your party!

Botox  Healing Hamsa Spa St. Louis MO Grove MedSpa



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 St. Louis Botox House Calls are performed in the comfort and privacy of your own home! Let us pamper you as we bring everything needed to quickly and safely give you the results you've been dreaming of.  Book your personalized St. Louis Botox in-home treatment today! 

Botox  Healing Hamsa Spa St. Louis MO Grove MedSpa

Frequently asked questions

When should I start getting Botox or Xeomin?

Botox and Xeomin treatments are amazing for wrinkle prevention. It works by relaxing the targeted muscles and prevents those deep static lines from forming. Every person ages differently and the recommended starting age varies patient to patient. If you are over the age of 21 and have an area of concern please book your free consultation to address your individual aesthetic needs.

What is a Lip Flip?

A Lip Flip is a nonsurgical cosmetic procedure that can help to achieve a fuller upper lip without using dermal filler. The procedure is done with Botox injections into the upper lip to relax the muscles and ‘flip’ the lip upward slightly, revealing more of the lip mucosa which achieves the’ fuller lip’.