CBD Facials

Starting from $175

CBD Premier Facial 


Enjoy a deep cleansing, hydrating, and gently exfoliating treatment using soothing CBD and enzymatic exfoliation.  Service begins with two CBD goodies and uses topical CBD to penetrate the skin.

Vitamin CBD Extreme - For Aging


Combine the best of both worlds with Vitamin C and CBD! This mixture helps to create an anti-aging benefit unlike any other.  This facial uses hydration, intense exfoliation, and added dermaplaning to increase product penetration and rid the skin of buildup and dryness.  This facial is perfect for an aging, dehydrated, and dull skin looking for the ultimate pick me up.  Service includes two CBD goodies.

Clear Head, Clear Skin - For Acne


This facial is for the acneic, congested, and inflamed skin looking for the ultimate result.  CBD is both anti-inflammatory and antibactieral, helping to rid the skin of redness and buildup.  Deep cleansing, salicylic exfoliation, and CBD infused sheet mask all help to give the ultimate source of healing.  Rose quartz massage is included along with two CBD goodies.