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Find your glow with customized facials at the Healing Hamsa St. Louis spa. Improve luminosity and remove impurities to encourages skin's self repair and confidence. Professional facials are recomended every 4-6 weeks with professional exfoliation.  Aside from the many physical benefits of facial treatments, their are many psychological and emotional benefits.  Treat your skin and your self!  Book today!



We customize a facial that is perfect for your

skin type. Encouraging your skin's self repair and to result in supple, nourished, and more hydrated skin.  Perfect for those with dry skin that are looking to improve texture, flakiness, and roughness on the face. 


With every facial, you'll get enhanced treatment to deliver refined, radiant, and re-energized skin.  Perfect for brightening and the lightening of stubborn pigmentation and age spots. 


Dealing with blemishes? We can help! Our detoxifying treatment  rebalances congested skin associated with blemishing and purges the skin of impurities. If you are experiencing changes in texture and breakouts associated with acne or hormonal changes we can build the perfect facial treatment for you.


It is never to early or too late to rejuvenate your skin. Our enhanced anti-aging protocol is designed to invigorate and firm saggy, dull, tired, and stressed skin. Unlock hidden luminosity and further prevent accelerated skin aging.


Blackberry Citrus Summer Facial

$95/60 Minutes

A stimulating facial that combines an invigorating, yet gentle double exfoliation using rich fruit pulp and papaya enzymes.This is followed by a deep boost of hydration with a peach, honey, and gauze mask. This special facial treatment feeds the skin with an intense boost of antioxidants and vitamin C, leaving you feeling refreshed and glowing throughout the summer months.



Blackberry Citrus Summer Facial + Sorella Skin Mini Kit

$150 (a $249 value)

Perfect for traveling, choose one of the following TSA-approved profressional skincare regiments! Plus you'll also receive a

Sorella Apothecary White Vegan Leather Tote!

+ Brightening

+ Acne

+ Maintenance

+ Healthy Aging


Before and Afters

Gold Facial St louis healing hamsa spa.j


Cleopatra's Beauty Secret Revealed

$275/95 Minutes


A celebrity favorite of Kim Kardashian, Elsa Hosk, and Alessandra Ambrosio.

Want to know how real life angels prepare their skin for the Victoria Secret fashion show?  Gold isn't just part of their wings, it's a constant beauty staple in the growing trend of 24k gold skincare and facials.  Even Cleopatra slept in a gold face mask every night to preserve her natural skin beauty.  


Why Gold? Gold is anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, known to visibly soften wrinkles, and brighten and tighten skin. It is also one of the softest metals and can be easily absorbed by the skin.  It's known to leave the skin visibly radiant immediately upon absorption.  Aside from it's instantaneous results, gold is guaranteed to keep skin glowing, soft, supple, and plump for days after absorption.  This 24K Gold Therapy is the ultimate facial for a special event and is exclusive to Healing Hamsa in St. Louis.

  • Perk Lip Treatment

  • Perk Eye Treatment

  • 24K Gold Microcurrent & Ultrasound

  • 24K Gold Gua Sha

  • Lymphatic Drainage 

  • Enzyme Exfoliation

  • 24K Gold Mask

  • Black Obsidian Eye Mask

  • Masking of neck, declotte, hands, and feet w/all gold touches

Based on the exclusivity of this facial, you will just have to experience it for yourself to understand it's magic.  


An LA Celebrity Favorite

$275/95 Minutes

Go ahead Goddess, you deserve it!

In many ancient cultures, Rose Quartz was believed to be the best cure for aging and used as a sign of feminine power for years!  This is the ultimate facial for the one in need of some self care, self love, and recharging.  Rose Quartz is the stone of universal love!  So it's time to love yourself!


Rose Quartz opens the heart to trust, peace, and deep inner healing.  This precious stone brings oxygenated blood to the skin's surface to promote deeper healing and relaxation.  Rose quartz has a soothing, cooling, and luxurious feel that can soothe the most inflamed and irritated skin.  Aside from it's obvious benefits for the skin, you will look and feel like a Goddess!  Pictures always included!


This facial includes a variety of celebrity facialist Angela Caglia Rose quartz tools.

  • Perk Eye Treatment

  • Perk Lip Treatment

  • Microcurrent & Ultrasound

  • Lymphatic Massage 

  • Lightstim LED Treatment

  • Custom Rose Hydrojelly Mask

  • Rose Quartz Rolling & Gua Sha

  • Full Face Rose Quartz Mask

  • Masking of the neck, décolletage, hands, and feet w/all rose touches. 

Young beautiful girl receiving pink faci
woman with facial mask.jpg


Caviar, Collagen, and Vitamin C?! Say no More! 

$275/95 Minutes


This ultra luxurious facial combines the benefits of all of the best words in beauty.  Caviar has been used in beauty since the dynasty era.  When combined with Vitamin C the ability to strengthen the skin's structure is amplified.  In addition, caviar diminishes pores, lifts, firms, and

re-texturizes the skin.   It also is high in Omega 3 and 6, which prevent inflammation and protect against sun damage.  Collagen's benefits are endless!  Firming, Tightening, and Hydrating just to name a few!  Last but not least, Vitamin C!  Enhances brightness, protects skin from pigmentation, visibly transforms dull appearing skin, and tightens!  Great for acne, aging, dryness, and dehydration.  This facial literally brings the skin back to life.  The ultimate healthy aging facial because anti-aging is such a thing of the past!  Embrace your age and all that comes with it.  Just don't forget that monthly facial treatment!

  • Perk Eye Treatment

  • Perk Lip Treatment

  • Caviar Ampoules infused into the skin 

  • Microcurrent & Ultrasound

  • Light Stim LED Treatment w/Vitamin C

  • Lymphatic drainage 

  • Custom Caviar Mask

  • Jade Rolling & Gua Sha

  • Jade Eye Mask

  •  Collagen masking of the neck, declotte, hands, and feet.


Customized to Treat Your Skin

$150/65 Minutes

Designed to target and help treat your skin with concentrated nourishment to correct stubborn areas of concerns.  A detailed consultation will help choose the right product line and treatment course for you.

A Healing Hamsa Custom Facial can treat...

Dryness, Dehydration, Acne, Blemishing, Blackheads, Wrinkles, Lines, Pigmentation, Texture, while also providing an overall deep cleanse.

Beach Time
$275/95 Minutes 

Preparing for your wedding day or a daring dress that accents all the right curves!?  Well, this ultimate back facial has your name all over it.  Back facials aren't just for times where your back needs the extra love, but a perfect way to prepare you in that special dress or occasion. 


This enhanced facial includes custom chemical exfoliation, masking, LED Light Stim, Microcurrent, Extractions, and lots of massage!  

Fitness woman with fit ball on beach out
$275/95 Minutes 

Is your peach ready for the beach?!  If you're daring to be flashy, your peach must be classy!  An often neglected area that needs attention from time to time. This custom treatment is great for the body builder, athlete, beach going hottie, or anyone who could use a little deep cleansing and exfoliation on their backside before a trip.  Perfect for pre-honey moon and a gift for a bride to be! 


This facial includes custom exfoliation, LED Light Stim, Microcurrent, Extractions, and custom masking.  





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