Medical Microneedling

From $150

Microneedling is a perfect treatment for skin concerns associated with aging , scarring, and texture issues.  Microneedling /Percutaneous Collagen Induction is a safe alternative to laser resurfacing.  This treatment uses a pen device to administer 12 small micro-channels in the skin through a disposable needle cartridge.  These micro channels causes a controlled injury to the skin which jump starts high productions of collagen, hylaronic acid, and internal skin healing.  


Procedure can be uncomfortable and the usage of a topical numbing agent can be applied for an additional fee.   If you would like to schedule with numbing, please arrive 30 minutes prior and mention when booking your appointment


Microneedling can be safely done on the face, neck, declotte, stomach, and back.  


Pre & Post Care Instructions:

  • No cosmetic injectables 21 days prior to appointment

  • No Retinol  or Vitamin A derivative 7 days before/after

  • No Makeup for 72 hours after treatment

  • Redness, Flakiness, Tightness, and Dryness can occur for 1-7 days post treatment.

  •  Healing may vary for each individual 

  • Direct Sun Exposure must be avoided 

  • Do not schedule this service within a week of a special event

  • Results are best when done in a series of 3 scheduled 4-6 weeks apart.

  • This treatment does not involve the usage of a roller.  A roller is NOT medical micro needling.

  • You are NOT a candidate for Microneedling if you are on anti-coagulate drugs or have been on Accutane in the last 12 months.



1: $150

2: $275

3: $400


1: $75

2: $130

3: $165


1: $225

2: $430

3: $600


1: $550

2: $1000

3: $1300