Let's Ladue it! Coming 2021!

Hello to all!

My apologies for slacking on the blog lately. It has been a crazy-busy few months and all good news! New projects, new ideas, and new beginnings. With a side of crazy of course. All beyond my control!

After a crazy and dreadful year, I am so happy to finally have had the time to manifest and design a new beginning. A thoughtful and meaningful place to call "home" when my lease end came this fall. With a pandemic, it felt slightly strange to even think about the idea of moving! Any change or move is never a stress free experience! Especially this year in the midst of crazy we never knew existed. That being said, I took the fear of the unknown and let the universe really guide me to where I was supposed to be. I met with countless properties. Talked to several people in real estate. Designed several drawings of spaces. I spent so much time really trying to be practical and purposeful in the pursuit to move into my next phase.

When I say the universe was guiding me, it really is the truth. I never imagined ending up at the door of my new location. I never imagined walking into a space that filled me with the kind of JOY I felt walking in. It was like that scene from Home Alone when Kevin walks in to Duncan's Toy Chest. There were so many signs and things finally felt right for the first time in months. I literally stood on a concrete floor in my "soon to be" treatment room imaging welcoming people in and providing such a unique experience I started to spiral! My mind was going a mile a minute! So many ideas and so much possibility.

I am truly excited. I have brushed aside fear, doubt, and all of the other uncontrollable things that have prohibited me from embarking on my brighter future. I said to myself that I would never allow anything or anyone to stand in the way of my dreams anymore. If something is right then it's time to make it happen. When it's wrong, I no longer have the desire to stick around waiting for it to fall apart. I have really learned so much this past year. I have recognized how much growth is needed to be confident, secure, and inspiring. If you want people to truly take your words seriously, you must practice what you preach! That is exactly what I am doing.

I hope that all of you realize the impact you have had in my life over the years. There has been many attempts to get this right, but here it is. I had to learn so many things from the past experiences I was forced to go through. There was one point I thought I'd never have the strength to get to this point. There was a time I was so consumed with what was wrong with the world, rather than what could be right. This step is more than right. It is the catalyst for my forever dream and I can't wait to welcome you!

I feel beyond blessed to have the tools to create this concept. God really has blessed me from all the years of hardwork and long hours. I am especially thankful for Crystal and her gifts of beauty, friendship, and female empowerment. Her skills are unmatched and her light shines brighter than I can even put in words. With this new location we both are ecstatic to join the Ladue community! I also couldn't do it without my husband. He really is a saint. He has been my biggest cheerleader for all of the many things I have been through. Never has he doubted me. He has always been there to pick me up when the world put me down. He is a true hero and the very reason I stood back up again after trauma. I am so blessed to have a strong support system. That really is the only way to make it work. If the people you surround yourself with aren't interested in your growth, success, or happiness then it's never going to work. I now know what the steps to success look like. Patience, Trust, Communication, and TRUTH!

Stay true to you. Stay true to what you do. Then move to Ladue!

See you in 2021 at our new store front! Let the games begin!



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