“Always be a beacon of light and bring happiness to those who surround you, the hamsa will protect you against the rest.” – Unknown

Jodi M. Bitton, LE

Owner, Operater, Aesthetician, Skincare Extraordinaire, & CBD Connoisseur 

I have found a true passion in providing highly specialized Aesthetic services to clients of all backgrounds.  In my early career I worked for 8 years in a critical care setting.  This knowledge base brought me to the place I am today.  A place of endless gratitude from all the struggles and tragedy I personally witnessed.  In the hospital, I frequently followed around others with personal care items in an effort to make even the most critically ill feel beautiful.  I used to joke with people that if they let me die unmanicured, I would personally come back to haunt them.  It wasn’t until I realized how much people improved their  ability to function with just the simple act of providing grooming and bathing.  I remember patients of mine thinking they had hit the lottery when the y were given a hot washcloth to wash   Whether it was brushing their hair or helping them to bathe, the simple gesture of feeling good started from within.  Although I enjoyed the fast paced environment of medicine and the knowledge base I was taught, it just wasn't fulfilling me the way I had hoped for.  The stories were sad.  The hours were endless.  The dynamics and drama of tragedy were often extremely hard to bear.  I wanted to explore my greater purpose.  I left the hospital and never turned back.

Fast forward to 2012 when my life changed forever.  I built my professional image and perfected my craft.  In the process I found myself, my husband, and my purpose.  Life is truly remarkable and I will always tell people of all of the many ways fate has shaped my life.  I feel so lucky every day.

 In an effort to enhance our natural beauty we have to take care of our skin from a very early age and also be realistic in a world of imposters.  The internet has skewed our views on what real beauty means and truly is.  Pampering our skin, soul, and spirit is the mission in which my passion resides.  With the help of many obstacels in my life and hard roads it has taken to get to where I am today, I sincerely encompass myself within the environment I created at Hamspa.  A peaceful, serene, clean, and aesthetically forward place for you to receive not only enhanced self esteem and skincare goals, but friendship and professionalism.  Without the many people I have served in this journey, I wouldn’t be the woman I am today.  I thank you all for allowing me to provide you with passion and purpose.















Meaning of Hamsa:

 A hamsa is a dated emulet to provide the owner with protection from evil and is a sign of feminine power.  It channels fortune, success, and general wellness to the spirit around the Hamsa.  A hamsa blocks the evil forces that attract themselves in our daily lives and guards us from hatred, jealousy, and evil.  The name symbolizes everytning to me.  Hamsa comes from the Hebrew word Hamesh, meaning 5.   Five fingers make up my greatest gift, my hands.  

  • Positive

  • Passionate

  • Personable

  • Punctual

  • Proficient 

  • Prominent 

  • Prosperous

  • Present