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A Woman-Owned Business Built for Bettering Women's Lives

Hello. Shalom. Welcome.  I am so happy to share this personal and very meaningful section of my site with you.  Picking your aesthetician shouldn't be about what you judge from a picture, but about what you can sense from my personal story.  A story is definitely something I have! Making a connection through words is the first impression I try to take advantage of in all walks of life.  I would love to get to know you on a personal level, so let this bio bring you some insight to who I am and how much I value this journey. Take a seat!

- Jodi, Owner & Licensed Esthetician

Healing Hamsa Spa Jodi Bitton St. Louis MO The Grove   facials


A hamsa is a dated emulet to provide the owner with protection from evil and is a sign of feminine power.  The hamsa hand opens you up to the abundance and goodness of all the universe has to offer.  It brings luck, manifestations, and success.  The eye is a shield of bad energy and prevents the negative influence of the world to infect your visions.


The hamsa is particularly appropriate in my profession because my hands are how I share my talents and touch each one of your lives both physically and emotionally. 


The energy that goes into people through my services is tangible and very relevant. It's healing in all ways. It's forever meaningful to have such a powerful name to symbolize who and what I stand for. 

“Always be a beacon of light and bring happiness to those who surround you, the hamsa will protect you against the rest.” – Unknown

Meet the Team

Healing Hamsa offers signature treatments in a breathtaking St. Louis, MO spa. We welcome our guests to embrace self-care through various relaxing, professional services. Our experienced and talented staff believes in an individualized approach and will work with you to understand and meet your needs. Our therapies are crafted to enhance your natural beauty, inner serenity, and your overall well-being.

Healing Hamsa SpaSt. Louis MO The Grove   


Who am I?  

Jodi Bitton ~ Pronounced (BEETONE) everyone asks!

Wife, Mother, SKIN MAGICIAN!

Absolutely hilarious and there is no denying it!

 Monday-Sunday low maintenance.

Obsessed with Robes, Pajamas, and matching loungewear.

Never ever forgets sunscreen or sunglasses. 

Might get cranky if you come to me with a sunburn, just ask my nieces.

I have been an esthetician for 11 years and I consider myself the expert, not Instagram.

My lips are real and so is my story.  

My forehead moves and has some wrinkles.  

I occasionally get a pimple.

 I am unique and I will take that any day over regular or predictable.  

You will win my heart by just being yourself.  

Although my confidence can be misconstrued, I rarely look like my headshot.  

If and when I wear makeup, make sure you also take a picture. 

I keep it all-natural most days and find that is when I feel the most like myself.  

Sunscreen is my signature scent. I am human and I have feelings.

As far as business, I have been through it all. Someday I will write a book.  


I have worked hard, played hard, and lost big.  I have always been a dreamer. I constantly work to evolve and reach my goals. I am always up to something.  Learning is just something I can't go without.  Sometimes learning can be unpleasant.  

Learning of people's true colors.  Learning your vulnerability can be taken advantage of.  Learning that something sacred can be tainted if you let it.  Learning that you and only YOU can make your dreams a reality.  Nobody else.  It's all part of the journey I suppose.  We must learn hard lessons to evolve. I wouldn't trade any of it. I was the first person to launch a mobile spa and it failed miserably.  You've wanted to ask.  Lots of you did, but this is as detailed as it's going to get.  I had a wonderful idea, but it just plain and simply didn't work out.  What I learned from this was a monumental stepping stone to my journey today.

These are the lessons that we all must go through to learn how to be the best version of who we are and what we are meant for. There are plenty more lessons I have learned along the way.  Without that experience, I would have never been where I am today.  Flying Solo.  That is exactly what I am meant to do.  FLY.  


As far as my experience in the industry and business today, there is always something new.  A new form of creation and creativity.  I try to really take the time to step aside and always connect with the universe.  Learn of the new and growing trends, technology, and teachings.  I take part in as many educational opportunities I can.  Learning of different ways to share my gifts and give you the best possible experience possible.  I think all the small details count towards the bigger picture.  I think making things memorable instead of mundane are what this life is all about.  This space was designed with a dream, a purpose, and a passion I simply can't explain.  It came to me in a time where recreation seemed unconventional and impossible.  There has been so many challenges in my life over the past few years.  I think we all can relate.  As women we try to wear many hats and often find that the day to day obstacles can be really hard to navigate.  However, somewhere-somehow we find the power to pursue.  I think this is what this business is all about.  Sharing my gifts, empowerment, and continuous strength against many challenging circumstances.  The energy inside my space and in the exchange of a service create a change within the both of us.  Energy transfers.  It is tangible.  My goal is to always let you leave feeling like a renewed and reinvigorated version of yourself. 


This space is like my home away from home.  Lots of the design touches feel as such.  When you come to the "Pink Palace" you will soon understand.  Whether its a time you need to relax, an honest assessment of your skincare routine, or for a friend to lean on.....know I AM HERE.  Our world is filled with so many distorted realities.  We are forced through the means of a social world online to measure ourselves by many things.  It is not normal.  Most of what you see isn't organic, natural, or in anyway real life.  This platform I have been given allows me to help you see that.  I keep it as real as professionally possible.  I try not to stay quiet.  Silence on these things is the very reason others feel so isolated and immeasurable.  The life that exists online isn't what should ever measure your self esteem, self worth, or character.  Being the best version of yourself means loving yourself, taking care of yourself, and cherishing everything about yourself.  Whether it is a bad day, a bad season, a bad mood, or a bad breakout YOU need to give yourself grace.  We're not perfect.  Our journey to get there isn't either.  Perfection comes from being content.  Replace those words.  Contention in who you are is all that matters.  Learn to love yourself despite all of your flaws.  If those "flaws" are skincare related, I am here to help you.  If there not, I will listen and do whatever I can to help.  If there is someone better suited to help, I will tell you.  This business is an open book of many experiences and knowledge.  My door is open to anyone.  Regardless of anything.  You are special.  You are loved.  You are YOU.  EMBRACE IT.



Jodi's Story
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We can't wait to have you in the spa!

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