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St. Louis Semi-Permanent, Waxing, and Body Facials 

Be ready for your next vacation, wedding, or big event with our Healing Hamsa Body Treatments. Our St. Louis spa has all your hair removal needs, including Back and Butt Facials to keep you looking and feeling your best. 



State of the art technology to rid
unwanted hair from the face and body

Excellent and quick treatment results with no patient discomfort! Our spa uses the latest in hair removal technology to adjust to varying skin colors for a very reliable treatment.


 $75 / Full Face 

Undergarment Model
Wax Appointment

"There are no words to describe my experience.  Having a wax can be uncomfortable, embarrassing, and a little awkward.  Not at Healing Hamsa!  Not only did Jodi make me feel so comfortable, but she is a genius at her job.  She had me done in less than 15 minutes and didn't miss a hair!  It was the best waxing experience I have ever had and I have tried many places!  I moved from California and found the perfect, clean, and home like atmosphere for all my beauty needs!  I love how personable she is and how you genuinely can tell she cares about you.  Best experience ever!"


- Carolyn

"I absolutely loved my session here!! Jodi is marvelous & extremely knowledgeable!  It's my job to stay on my beauty game & I definitely recommend Jodi with Healing Hamsa to keep you on point head to toe!"  


 - Metta 


Gentle & Safe Hair Removal Featuring Nufree

Lip: $10

Chin / Cheeks: $15

Sideburns: $15

Full Face: $45

Underarms: $25

Bikini: $35

Brazilian: $70

Hands/Feet: $25

Back: $90

Neck: $30

Shoulders: $45

Chest: $90


New Client? Great, just a couple of tips before you come in! 


  • Please make sure hair is ¼ inch in length before scheduling waxing.  No shorter/No Longer

  • For optimal results, please schedule waxing 4-6 weeks apart from your last wax

  • You may take a pain reliever 30 minutes prior if desired 

  • Please make sure area is clean, dry, and free of lotions/oils prior to your service

  • Please schedule your wax appointment are your monthly cycle

Beach Time
$275/95 Minutes 

Preparing for your wedding day or a daring dress that accents all the right curves!?  Well, this ultimate back facial has your name all over it.  Back facials aren't just for times where your back needs the extra love, but a perfect way to prepare you in that special dress or occasion. 


This enhanced facial includes custom chemical exfoliation, masking, LED Light Stim, Microcurrent, Extractions, and lots of massage!  

Fitness woman with fit ball on beach out
$275/95 Minutes 

Is your peach ready for the beach?!  If you're daring to be flashy, your peach must be classy!  An often neglected area that needs attention from time to time. This custom treatment is great for the body builder, athlete, beach going hottie, or anyone who could use a little deep cleansing and exfoliation on their backside before a trip.  Perfect for pre-honey moon and a gift for a bride to be! 


This facial includes custom exfoliation, LED Light Stim, Microcurrent, Extractions, and custom masking.