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Face Mask Application

St. Louis Spa
Medical Microneedling 


Perfect for acne scarring, fine lines, deeper wrinkles, overall cell regeneration, and anti-aging. Experience Microneedling and it's rejuvenating power at the Healing Hamsa spa located in St. Louis.


*Your own collagen workout! 

Show your face and neck what it has been missing for so long! By stimulating your untapped collagen you'll unlock a more youthful, tighter, and smoother skin. 


Over the course of a series of microneedling treatments, you'll see your collagen start smoothing and providing the youthful elements you desire.  Each and every treatment provides more results as the skin becomes accustomed to the method of controlled injury and how to better repair and regenerate.


*Beyond an at home tool with a trusted professional.

The Microneedling procedure done at our St. Louis area location  delivers a powerful treatment that out performs in-home dermarollers.  Not all microneedling is treated equal.

Providing you with more dramatic results that can only come by penetrating deep into the skin.  Reducing acne scaring, sun spots, and improving over all texture!

*Minimal Downtime with Maximum Results

Microneedling provides results without you having to disrupt your normal activities. Besides minor redness that can clear up within 24 to 48 hours.  You'll be able to get back to work quickly without evidence of anything majorly invasive.  Your skin is busy repairing prior damage and you can be too.   ​This treatment is perfect for overall face and neck skin concerns.  A series is recommended yearly and to be planned around times where you will be environmentally exposed.  


Micorneeding before & after
Microneedling  Healing Hamsa Spa St. Louis MO Grove MedSpa Skinpen PRP vampire facial

St. Louis



Plasma + Microneedling

This is the high-end facial that all the celebs post in their insta-stories!


You might have also heard of this labeled as the "vampire facial". PRP is Plasma-Rich Platelets derived from your very own blood. Providing you with faster results and a quicker recovery time. It is truly a game-changer for Microneedling! 


Microneedling with PRP in our St. Louis Spa is completed by highly trained medical professionals. When you arrive we will first draw two vials of your own blood before spinning it down in a machine called a centrifuge. Then the "liquid gold", or PRP is extracted and infused into your facial with our professional-grade microneedling device. 


PRP contains proteins, including growth factors and cytokines which help the skin tissue repair itself. You'll have repaired skin that treats  Acne, Pigment, Skin Tightening, Wrinkles, Texture, and Oiliness! The addition of PRP makes microneedling more effective and also offers visible results faster and a much quicker recovery time.


Your session also includes your own take-home vial of PRP to be applied within the first 12-hours of your appointment. This helps further increase the results received during Microneedling with PRP at our St. Louis Medical Spa location. 


New to PRP Microneedling? We understand that this treatment might seem a bit intimidating at first. However, your comfort is our top concern! To help provide you with the most comfortable experience we apply a numbing agent before your session.  We provide painless, sterile, and professional phlebotomy.  Transforming your skin without discomfort is our magic touch.  We are excited to help reveal the glowing skin you've dreamed of!

 Treatments start at $695

Series of 3 for $1900

Microneeding treatment menu

St. Louis


HydraFacial + Microneedling 


Hydraneedling combines Microneedling and the HydraFacial® for an enhanced treatment that helps overall skin health, hydration, and customized results.


Hydraneedling takes specific aspects of the HydraFacial in addition to the penetration of connective tissue growth factors to enhance healing, results, and anticipated down time.  This treatment can significantly improve your treatment and experience.


This is the perfect treatment for someone who is already getting regular HydraFacials and looking to level up!  Perfect for acne scarring, fine lines, deep wrinkles, overall cell regeneration, pigmentation, and anti-aging.

Platinum Hydraneedling

$475 / 95 Minutes

The unmatched HydraFacial + The Power of Microneedling

  • Hydrafacial

  • Microneedling w/Growth Factor Serum Booster

  • Biocellulose Mask

  • LED Light Therapy

  • Includes custom serum for your post care enhancement.

  • 1 Additional Take Home Mask

+ Add on Neck for $100

Your comfort is our top concern!

Numbing provided prior to this service.

Face Serum
Beauty Face Mask
Signature Microneedling

$295/ 60 Minutes

  • Numb

  • Cleanse & Disinfection Prep 

  • Microneedling

  • Take Home Biocellulose Mask

Sheet mask can be applied directly after the treatment or taken home to enjoy later.  Best used cold from the comfort of your own home.  Consider purchasing a second mask for your homecare.

Your comfort is our top concern!  Medical grade numbing is applied with every microneedling procedure.  Plan to numb for 30 minutes of your scheduled service.  You may enjoy a beverage and relax during this time.  Actual full face microneedling takes between 20-30 minutes.  Total appointment time 1 hour.

Client Love 

“I am 100% pleased with all services she provides for me, dermaplaning, IPL, peels, and microneedling. She does everything with professionalism and couldn't be a nicer person.  My personal favorite Hydraneedling!  Must try!”

— Peggy

Pamper Day

Client Love 

“I had an amazing experience with Jodi today. I had a Hydraneedling facial and so far love my results! The treatment room was very clean and comfortable. Jodi explained every step and the aftercare clearly. The reminder emails with address and parking instructions were very helpful. as well. My treatment started on time and ended on time which was a big plus. She answered all of my questions and was very professional. I highly recommend The Healing Hamsa for your facial needs.”

— Bonnie

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