I am so happy I trusted Jodi at Hamsa! I had really bad hyper pigment above my top lip that really bothered me. Even with makeup you could still see it. I felt like I had a permanent mustache. I tried everything! Bleaching creams did not work! Lasers did not work! I even went to get a "vampire facial" with micro needling from a dermatologist & she made it worse! I was so discouraged. BUT I followed Jodi's IG posts & watched her before & after pics of her microneedle work & Iwas convinced I had to let her help me. After one session with Jodi just about all my hyper pigmentation is gone & **bonus!..my skin feels tighter & brighter! I think it will take just one more session with Jodi to make my top lip completely clear again bc the pigment was so dark but thankfully Jodi is way more affordable than most places offering this service. PLEASE do not go to someone for micro needling or lasers if you have not seen before & after pictures of their work & DO your research. They can really screw up your skin. This happened to me before I met Jodi & she is correcting it. Also, side note I am/was pregnant when she did this service on me & my doctor approved it which is so great bc it's an alternative to Botox & fillers which you can't get while you're pregnant.

Brittany Taylor

Jodi and I were meant to cross paths and I am 100% pleased with all services she provides for me, dermaplaning, IPL, peels, etc. She does everything with professionalism and couldn't be a nicer person. Thanks!

Peggy Luber