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Small Business...Big Obstacles!

Well, it's 2020 and not quite what we expected.

We had high hopes for progression, major enlightenment, and dream catching in the new year! However, the world had other plans for us! We didn't realize the impact of things when they started, but now more than ever we are forced to realize just how much all of our lives have changed because of this! So when we asked for all of our dreams to come to fruition, our goals to become obtainable, and for that major boost of morale in our 2020 resolutions....we just didn't know it would come on these terms! What I am trying to say is being at home for all this time has been the life changing time for me that I needed to regrow and rebloom! COVID-19 for me has been the catalyst for deep reflection, healing, and personal growth.

What have I been up to? THIS WEBSITE! It is honestly insane to imagine that in 6 weeks I worked to rebuild this site and help create this masterpiece which I continue to admire. A platform to highlight talents, accomplishments, and invite people who are looking for someone like me! I couldn't be happier with this new site and what it stands for. The change of scenery is one huge step I needed for quite some time, but never had the time to focus on. It is the first thing I put on my list when I closed the spa after the Quarantine orders! New Website, New Direction! Boy was I right! This website has helped shift my energy, focus, and determination for post Quarantine. I will be able to direct clients to their own appointments, sell online, and give detailed and thorough explanations of all the one of a kind treatments I specialize in. I will be able to offer long overdue memberships for all my loyal clients! I have wanted to do this forever! I am just so thrilled for this new beginning! It is truly a special part of my brand that is just perfect. Meghan, you will never know what you have done for me!

Two, DMK enzyme training! Wasn't that a tricky one with a 4 year old at home! However, I am so excited to announce that I will be introducing this service for 50% off while I build my portfolio of results! I want every client to experience this treatment at a competitive rate before deciding how truly amazing it is. I can't wait to talk more about it to you in person! For more information temporarily, please read up on the DMK page on the site! I am also free to discuss over the phone in the future while we are still ordered to stay at home!

Three, my overall outlook! Gosh let me tell you how much it helps to slow down. Let me tell you how important it is to sit with yourself and heal. Let me tell you how remarkable it is to see yourself from the outside when you're forced to spend time with yourself uninterrupted for the first time since August of 2018 when the storm started. That is the last memory I have of normalcy! This time off is invaluable. It has really and truly changed my life. Although this virus is tragic, sad, and every other definition of horrible I do thank GOD that we have to work together to move forward. That many people too have learned lessons and changed their lives. I thank GOD that as a world we realize the impact of such an occurrence and are forced to remove the many things that once seemed important! We have learned to live simply. We have learned to gather around the table to eat. We have learned to turn off the outside world because it can often be quite scary. We have learned to love harder. We have learned to trust and believe. We have truly been forced to change. For me, that is a good thing. I needed the time to heal myself from too much trauma. From losing a child, losing a former business integration, losing personal and professional relationships, and then losing my spark from all of it. I truly needed this time to recharge, renew, and regenerate the root of my existence. Refueling my passion and my cup has been the most therapeutic endeavor for me. I am still mourning the loss of lives from this virus, the loss of income from being closed now 6 weeks, and the loss of human connection. My Healing hamsa's are missing you! I am still in awe of the selfless people who put themselves out there to ensure the world is spinning on its axis. I put a place in my day every morning to thank them all in my daily intentions. I am so glad that I have seen the side of humanity that needed to be revealed. I am honored to be amongst some of the best of them. Prior to all of this I had a very hard time seeing past the truly evil people rather than focusing on the good ones. The only thing toxic in my life is all the Lysol I have been using!

In closing, I am just thankful. I am forever grateful for the many pamper packages sold and clients who have supported me from near and far. I am so thankful for each and every one of you just checking in on me and supporting my small business. I have been tested in the last year more than anyone I can imagine, but you have kept me connected and never let me down. You all are the reason for it all. You have helped me in more ways than I can truly express and I will always feel like the luckiest girl in the world to know all of you.

I wish you well in the next weeks while we rebuild. I pray you exercise ahead with caution and grace. I also hope you remember the many lessons you've had the opportunity to reflect on in Quarantine. Please know we are truly together even when we are far apart.

Missing you all.



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