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I am so excited about all of the new changes and exciting things coming to the spa. I have spent the past 7 weeks learning, relearning, and applying as much time as possible to becoming a better Aesthetician. I was so excited to join webinars and take the time to research lines that I had always had an interest in, but never had the time to jump on! Patchology was one of them. They have the very best in everything eyes! I am yet to try all of the new products, but can't wait to share them with you all in the treatment room.

This new launch comes at a perfect time. At home while still in Quarantine, these products are the perfect way to pamper at the most affordable price point. With a variety of products for the eyes, lips, feet, hands, and face there is certainly something for you!

My personal favorite?! Well, one the pedicure! That is so overdue in my life and this was the perfect way to get one from home! I highly advise you to try it! Now if someone could just teach me proper polish technique! Two, the Getaway Plan (pictured below). It is such an amazing tasting of products and so perfect for gifting. It also makes me feel slightly connected to a life once lived of air travel and planning weekend trips! This getaway plan might be used at home for a while, but hey it's perfect for the mandatory staycation! Anyone else wish they could start planning a major vacation?!

Remember by booking upgraded treatments you will get to experience the enjoyment of a lot of these new treats! I hope you all are seeing the new service integrations and getting excited for your highly requested membership options! I can't believe it's finally all ready and available for you! Can I get a hallelujah?! The savings and benefits of being a member are unmatched!

Lastly, I hope that as we plan to reunite we all get to cherish these moments of self care and hold onto them a little tighter. It has been a personal reflection of mine to highly value and cherish the time I spend taking care of myself from now on. I didn't realize how instrumental it is to my mental health to have those things to look forward to! 7 weeks without a hair color, blow out, pedicure, or polish can really mess with you! Whether it's an hour or just 15 minutes a day, you must find a way to pencil in some self care. This quarantine has surely helped me get creative! These products are the perfect way to get a jump start on some self care initiatives.

Again, thank you for being you. Thank you for all the healthcare heroes. Thank you to all the essential workers. Thank you to the many selfless people who have taken this quarantine seriously by staying home. Your cooperation is what will make reopening possible for a small business like me!

Can't wait to see you all soon.

Hamsa, Hamsa, Hamsa


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