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The Opportunity is NOW

It’s been a long and meaningful journey in writing this post. I’ve spent a long time trying to find a way to express this point, but often felt slightly awkward, wondering if I’d say something wrong. It’s a constant feeling I have within to want change, both for myself and for this world. When creating a brand it’s so important to find your niche and not try to expand too much out of where your destined to be. My destiny can often be general in terms of my line of work, but in most cases I come back to this scenario over and over. It irks me to my core. Why as a woman in this industry am I constantly seeing that woman of color aren’t being represented? Why is it that the picture of woman in advertisements who receive facials, spa services, and other cosmetic procedures aren’t women of color? Why is it that when you click on a site to view the overall impression of a business, that a white woman with perfect skin slaps you in the face page after page? •

Well, here’s my point and I’m not trying to be quick with it. I have always and will always be an advocate for women of color in all areas of life. Professionally I know black women are looked over and treated differently, I’ve witnessed it. Haven’t been quiet about it either. I have always tried to stay professional in my efforts to promote equality when using social media, but I now know it’s just not enough to be censored on the topic. It’s time to speak it out loud and be proud. Women of color are a huge part of my business. Not only as clients, but as PEOPLE who deserve the recognition of being the face of my work. I am a white woman, we all know. But I have no issue saying now that I know how to treat skin of all colors. Not only do I know, but I’d even go as far to highlight it as my specialty. Often women of color too might have reservations about a white woman knowing enough about ethnic skin. Well, it’s not a problem for me! It’s about time the industry broadened their horizons and had woman of color representing this industry. •

I’m not here for popularity. I’m not here to get a pat on the back. I’m here to say, if you are a woman of color you have a place here. I won’t remain silent when clearly the world sees the need for change and I will be a part of it. You will get results here. You will get recognition here. You will be showcased here. You will be equally represented in my business and treated with the same kindness and passion I put into my every day work no matter who you are. I want to be the change. This is a start. Starting with this post, my equally diverse website, my loud voice, and my diversified business efforts. My motto. All RACES. All FACES. Got a problem with it? Buhhhhhhh bye.

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