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Retinol and why it could help you in 2020!

Mask causing breakouts? Stress causing breakouts? Homeschooling causing breakouts?

Rapid aging from 2020!?


Retinol has taken the spotlight in skincare for decades, as a superhero ingredient on the journey toward healthy aging. But, vitamin A has many forms and derivatives, all working differently in the skin. What should you know before choosing a vitamin A product?

When adding retinol into your routine, start using it 2-3 nights per week, gradually increasing as your skin adjusts. Always apply SPF as our skin is extra vulnerable to sun exposure while using topical vitamin A, and if you notice any light peeling, alternate the days in which you use. When first starting, I personally reccomend using a MWF routine to get 3 nights locked in to start. Once the skin is tolerating and not sensitive or overly flaky, increase one night per month until your able to use nightly! No sweat if you can't get to that point! Sometimes it takes some experimenting with the right product/percentage for you!

Who should be on retinol? Anyone who is focusing on rejuvenating the skin and softening signs of aging. The Sorella Apothecary All Night Elixir features 1% pure retinol and anti-inflammatory licorice root, making it suitable for all skin types. If you are still experiencing breakouts, start with our Facial in a Bottle that features Bakuchiol, which acts as a retinol alternative!

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