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Steps for your Stay Home Pamper Package!

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

Here is a step by step instruction on how to enjoy your pamper package. Now available in my online shop. These make excellent gifts and are such an amazing way to treat yourself at home. Best time to do this is when your kids are in bed, you have uninterrupted time, no electronics, and in the evening (before bed). Pour yourself a drink of choice, dim the lights, and enjoy! You deserve it!

  • Before Starting: Chill Eye Pads & Rose Quartz Stone in fridge

  • Time Needed: 1 Hour (Most Applications)

  • Applications: 1-2 (Most Products)

  • Enhancements At Home You Can Use: Hot Towel, Calming Music, Spa Headband, and Cozy Blanket

  • Contents Include- Products 1-10, Rose Quartz Stone, Professional Mask Brush, Sorella Vegan Leather Tote, Golden Quilted Sorella Tote, Professional Guidance, lavender scented towel, sponges, esthetic wipes, eye pads, and 2 full sized products (already selected).



  • #1 Apply Apricot Cleansing Milk- Massage w/dry hands onto the skin and over the eyes and lips. Apply generously. After a dry application, wet hands and apply them to the skin. Wet cleanse all over the face, eyes, and lips. Use cotton provided after rinsing to remove any residual cleansing.

  • #2 Double cleanse with the Orange You Jelly Cleanser- Massage in to the skin to a foaming bubble. A little goes a long way. Use this cleanser to remove all residual oil, makeup, dirt, or buildup. After thoroughly removing with warm water and repeated rinsing, take hot towel (if available) and remove and blot onto the skin. Keep hot towel placed on the skin for desired length to soften and comfort. Make sure after you are done with this you wipe around to remove all traces of cleanser.

  • #3 Apply a thin layer of the Cherry Pepper Peel. Use the brush provided for an even and thin application. Overusing this product will not be helpful. This product is applied like a mask, avoid the eye area and over the lip. Allow this product to sit for about 30 seconds before applying the second step of exfoliation.

  • #4 Apply a layer of the Mint Poppyseed polish over the Peel. Once you have used the brush to spread an even application, if possible jump into the shower and turn on the water to hot. Use the steam to rejuvenate the skin while this exfolitation step takes place. If you can sit on the edge of tub or just stand in shower, this is the best method for best results and removal. Bring the yellow non compressed sponges into the shower and use them after 5 minutes to help remove the peel and polish. Make sure you rinse the face with cooler water and not hot water when removing residual. Luke warm is also fine. These sponges are for single use and not to be kept in the shower after completion of this step.

  • #5 After finishing shower and cleaning your professional mask brush, dry well with a dry cloth or towel. Use a clean object to dispense about a dime size of *selected mask onto the palm of your hand. After dispensing the right amount of product, use the mask brush to apply to your face and neck. Best to keep hair up and out of face with a headband or leave in the towel if wet from shower. Find a cozy place to sit or lay. Set a timer for 35 minutes (or longer if you are a real pamper queen). Masks can sit for an hour if you're up for it. When you are able, apply warming socks and mittens to the hands and feet. These are able to sit the entirety of your masking

  • After timer sounds, remove the mask with warm water and another clean warm towel. Then retrieve stone and eye pads from the fridge.

  • #6 Apply a thin layer of Massage Butter to the skin and use Rose Quartz stone to relax, contour, and soothe the skin. While contouring the face, use the flash eye gels for 5 minutes while working the stone around the face. After usage of eye pads, discard and work in remaining serum with stone.

  • For detailed instructions on usage, please visit their blog section to see an instagram live.

Rose Quartz Stones have an amazing ability to reduce inflammation & support the renewal of skin cells, plus they heal & rejuvenate the skin’s surface. By improving the heart and overall circulation, the stones bringing oxygen to skin’s surface to improve tone, luster & glow. The stones natural cold touch calms inflammations and cools the skin’s overall temperature.

  • #7 Work in the remaining product to the skin and blot dry with a tissue if the skin still has a lot of shine. The massage butter works on hands, neck, shoulders, and feet too! After your skin is ready, apply a small amount of the Main Squeeze Hydrating Serum and massage in.

  • #8 Apply a small amount of the Aloe & Cucumber Eye Gel and again contour around the eyes with your rose quartz stone.

  • #9 Apply "The Balm" to the entire face and neck.

  • Brush & Floss :)

  • #10 Apply Avacado Oil to the Lips

  • Goodnight zzzzzzzzzzzzzz..............

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